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Reach for the Stars is our philosophy which guides us in every step we make to assist you in creating memorable, magical celebrations that exceed expectations.

We are a team of professionals passionate about all kinds of events, with personalities that vary in style and intensity united by a unique flame – providing you with choice and entertainment ideas to make your event truly unforgettable. 

We believe that a powerful idea, the right show/performance with the right artist can change an event from “good” to “best”, whether we refer to launching products, corporate dinners, cocktail parties or any kind of private celebrations.

This is where our artists come into play: if you need an electrifying atmosphere Amadeus Electric Strings Quartet is the right choice. Maybe you need to start a party with a sophisticated Jazz show with Aylin and her boys or to keep it until late, then Piano Beats LIVE for sure will exceed the expectations.  

The “3R” concept in everything we do:

Respect – we respect each of our partners for simply the experience gained through constructive relationships. Each client, each event is unique and we welcome any business relationship with the enthusiasm and respect at its full.

Responsibility – we acknowledge that not everything is under our control or our partner’s control but we assume responsibility in every answer or action that we undertake under various circumstances and we always adapt for finding the best solution.

Reward – our reward is our client reward and we target to leave a fingerprint with every project (corporate event, product launch) that we implement or deliver.


We are there to support you during all the stages of your project: planning, budgeting, implementing. All our shows and acts are performed by high-end international artists & performers for all types of events and parties, private celebrations or public performances, big or small, in Europe or worldwide.
It's time for you to reach for the stars! 
We always dare to dream big, so should you! 
Be confident, and the journey together will be wonderful!
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