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Vlad Mirita is a crossover singer (Pop - Opera)

His career had a different path than other classical artists while being a soloist (tenor) at the Romanian National Opera House, he interpreted roles from Giacomo Puccini, Alfredo Catalani, Gaetano Donizetti etc.

Also, he had the joy with different occasions to sing along with one of the biggest opera singers (soprano) in the world - Angela Gheorghiu (in St. Petersburg, Toscana etc)

He represented Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest (final) together with Nico, another talented Romanian pop singer. The duet called "Pe-o margine de lume" became a very popular song.


Together with 2 other good friends and very talented tenors, they rewrite their own version of the "3 Tenors" history performing at large scale public events or high-end private events.

He launches the concept „Listen, Feel, Discover” – which illustrates a simple idea: classical music is for everyone, no special skills are needed to listen to it. On the contrary, you can do it everywhere, whether you are in a park or you are wearing jeans.

One of the concerts was held in Herastrau Summer Theater (Bucharest), which was too small to accommodate the over 6,000 people eager to listen to different music. The orchestra consisting of 120 people was conducted by Daniel Jinga.

Opera, but NOT too loud - is a project designed to create a new perspective about classical/opera music. People usually start with the idea that they need some special skills to understand or like opera music. With this project, Vlad proves that everybody can enjoy this music, with a light repertoire and a different approach: only voice and piano.

Nothing else.

Iordache Basalic (baritone) was the special guest in this video.

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