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Gymnastics on Amadeus' Live Music

Updated: Jan 21

We started 2020 with Gymotion 2020 in Zurich, Switzerland.

It was a pleasure working on this project and a great experience sharing the stage with so many talented athletes, a show about gymnastic on live music.

The Swiss Gymnastics Association (STV) and its gymnastics clubs have been providing a wide range of sports for all ages throughout Switzerland for over 185 years.

This is a beautiful show when all get together to perform for the pleasure and the fun of the sport, not for a competition.

Around 400 athletes worked tirelessly to perfect synchronise their jumps and choreographies on Amadeus’ live music.

And the result was spectacular, at least 4500 people watched the entire performance.

The feeling you experience on a stage like this, in a moment like this is priceless.

This is what it feeds the artist at the end of the day:

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