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Party like no other - Amadeus Quartet & Band @ Royal Wedding in Marbella Club, Spain.

The future Duke of Seville, Francisco de Borbón, married his fiancée, Sophie Elizabeth Karoly, in a lavish ceremony held in Marbella in October 2021.

Francisco de Borbón von Hardenberg and Sophie Elizabeth Karoly exchanged vows in October 2021 at the Seville Cathedral. Sophie, accompanied by her father and bridesmaids, made her entrance at the Cathedral of the Andalusian capital, where her groom awaited her, dressed in the gala attire of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, to which he belongs.

Known as Fran among his friends, Francisco is the direct male-line descendant of Spanish and French royalty from the House of Bourbon. He is the only son of the 5th Duke of Seville, a Grandee of Spain, and a relative of the Spanish royal family.

The high-spirited celebration continued at the Marbella Club hotel, where the Amadeus Electric Quartet & Band electrified the atmosphere and entertained the esteemed guests.

It was indeed one of the best parties we have ever attended. Thank you again, Sophie and Francisco, for choosing us to be part of this very special moment in life!

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