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Amadeus Electric Quartet | Royal wedding in Doha - Qatar.

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

The wedding of Shaika AlMaha Khalid AL Thani - can only be described as luxury and opulence at its best.

decor with an arabic style of castel during a royal wedding in qatar

In the Arab world, mixing the men and women at a party is forbidden, hence this was women only event where 1000 female guests attended the reception. Thousands of pale roses and lush flowers were used, walls hand painted with gold touches and the couple’s initials all over the place on every tiny thing. 

royal wedding scenery decor with many roses and flowers ready for Amadeus Electric Quartet girls to perform

The night was a parade of luxurious designed gowns, pearls and diamonds. Obviously, the beautiful Amadeus Electric Quartet was part of this magic fairytale. And just before the end of the night, the women covered their faces so the Groom could enter the reception to meet his bride.

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